Skunk Removal & Trapping

Having a problem with a skunk on your property? ABL Wildlife has years of experience providing humane, ethical, and effective wildlife solutions.

Portland Oregon Skunk Removal & Trapping

Skunk Removal

Skunks have done wonderfully at adapting to urban life, much like raccoons they thrive on what we throw away. Humans tend to waste a tremendous amount of food and skunks approve of this tendency tenfold. A common misconception about skunks is that they will emit an odor if they are around at all. This is untrue, a skunk will only spray if it feels threatened, and if the skunk is perfectly content in its environment it will have no need to spray.

Wildlife capture and skunk removal is best handled by trained and experienced professionals. Attempts to control or remove wildlife by homeowners is not only against state law in both Oregon and Washington, but it can also result in the transmission of diseases or injury to person and property.

Unfortunately, skunks can potentially carry numerous zoonotic diseases including canine distemper, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, and tularemia as well as playing host to parasites like ticks, lice, and fleas.

How do you know if you have skunks in your crawlspace, or yard? Sometimes their entry points can be challenging to find since they don't spray unless they are provoked.

Common Portland Oregon skunk issues include, but are not limited to:

Securing Crawlspace from Skunks
  • Outbuilding/Chicken Coop infestations
  • Skunks living underneath a home or deck
  • Female Skunks Nesting
  • Property Damage i.e. outbuildings, doors, cat doors, etc.
  • Garden and Lawn Destruction
  • Classic Skunk Spray Odor

But here are a few more specific indicators of a potential Skunk presence:

  1. 3" or larger holes in foundation vents (The vents around the bottom of the outside of your home)
  2. Open space underneath sheds, outbuildings, or chicken coops
  3. Holes dug under foundation
  4. Small holes in the lawn, missing tufts of grass, or strips of sod peeled back
  5. Pungent skunk odor

A female skunk can have a litter of up to 18 (this was the largest recorded litter for the species) but it's not uncommon to find litters of 10 offspring. This means that one skunk can turn into 20 skunks rather quickly. The western striped skunk is polygamous and has precious few natural predators. They typically act rather relaxed whilst wandering around their newfound territory right up until someone's pet discovers them. It's important to implement a skunk removal program before one can raise a successful litter. Skunks often come back to their nesting/birth sites, so it is imperative to seal them out of the structure as well.

Are you still unsure where to find entry points or the species of animal causing damage? Don't worry about it! ABL Wildlife will identify wildlife species, access points, damage, and potential future entry points upon initial inspection and provide exclusion solutions to keep your home safe moving forward.


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Testimony 5 Star Testimony

" Anna was great! Had what we thought was a dead skunk under our house, Anna came out and was able to extract the LIVE skunk right away. We will be using her again for sure."
Chris C - Tigard, OR