Nutria, Beaver, & Otter Removal

ABL Wildlife has years of experience providing humane, ethical, and effective wildlife control solutions.

Portland Oregon Nutria Removal, Beaver Removal & Otter Removal

The nutriaexhibits a whole host of problematic behaviors towards humans and their pets. They often destroy pond/creek/riverbanks with their tunnels and burrows too. Due to nutria's overall aggressive nature, it is important to avoid physical encounters with this wildlife species. That's why we're here! We are your nutria removal and nutria trapping resource. Unfortunately, nutria reproduce all year long. A small population can turn disastrous in no time!

Nutria Removal

ABL Wildlife has years of experience providing humane, ethical, and effective wildlife solutions. We'll work to remove wildlife on the spot, set up humane live capture devices, or construct an eviction system. Our goal is to make your home and property safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Nutria trapping and nutria removal are best handled by trained and experienced professionals. Attempts atnutria removal by homeowners is against state law in both Oregon and Washington, meaning the nutria trapping in and of itself can result in a class a misdemeanor, not to mention nutria transport and nutria relocation which are each another class a misdemeanor. ABL Wildlife is fully licensed and insured, we can trap nutria legally and humanely.

Nutria can potentially carry numerous diseases including leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and septicemia as well as playing host to parasites like ticks, lice, and fleas. Nutria are also territorial, so if you cross paths with one at the wrong time you could easily sustain a bite wound.

Beaver Den

How do you know if you need nutria removal services? Do you potentially have nutria in your pond, yard, or crawlspace? It can take a while to discover a nutria problem due to their tendencies to den on the banks of ponds, streams, rivers, etc. Overtime nutria will decimate the banks of waterways leading to a damaged habitat for other wildlife. Nutria are non-native, due to this, their populations must be controlled artificially as they were imported here. ABL Wildlife specializes in both commercial and residential nutria control programs!

Common Portland Nutria issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Holes dug underneath outbuildings
  • Burrows in Pond or Creek Banks
  • Property Damage i.e. outbuildings
  • Garden and Lawn Destruction
  • Oval-shaped feces

But here are a few more specific indicators of a need for our nutria removal and trapping services:

  1. Holes dug underneath foundation
  2. Open space underneath sheds, outbuildings
  3. Trails paved with feces through lawn, blackberries, or other vegetation
  4. Produce consumption in gardens
  5. Beaver-like animal swimming nearby or grazing on lawn

Nutria may appear like a Beaver at first glance, which is why it's always important to look at the tail whenever possible. A Nutria possesses a rat-like tail while a Beaver has a paddle-like tail, we have wildlife control solutions for both!

North America Beaver Removal

North American Beaver Rermoval

Beaver can cause thousands of dollars in damage once they've established themselves. Similar to Nutria they can den on banks of ponds, streams, rivers etc. However, their preferred housing situation is a dam. When a beaver dams up a major waterway or spillway they can cause devastating flooding for the property owner. Beaver trapping and removal is a complex process due to their incredibly intelligent nature, leave it to the professionals, or you could end up sending the beaver to "How to avoid trapping" school!

Another key sign that you are a candidate for our beaver trapping and removal services is the gnawing on and removal of trees and shrubs. They utilize these for both food and housing material as they establish themselves. Beaver's have an affinity for fruit trees and can easily turn a high dollar orchard into a small scale clearcut if given the opportunity.

Here are a few more specific indicators of a potential need for beaver trapping:

  1. Muddy "slides" on banks leading into the water
  2. Stumps gnawed into a point
  3. Vegetation floating in water or clogging culverts
  4. Mounds of sticks- often a dam
  5. Nocturnal activity in water


Here at ABL Wildlife we assess the entire area before performing any kind of beaver trapping or beaver removal program. Every Beaver infestation is unique which is another reason why we always require an onsite inspection to assess pricing and plan.Would you like to know more about our beaver trapping and/or nutria removal programs? Call us today, we service the Portland metro area and some surrounding areas as well!

Are you still unsure where to find entry points or the species of animal causing damage? Don't worry about it! ABL Wildlife will identify wildlife species, access points, damage, and potential future entry points upon initial inspection and provide exclusion solutions to keep your home safe moving forward. Would you like to know more about our trapping and wildlife removal programs? Call us today! 541-510-8277


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"Great company for any of your trapping needs. I contacted her with some Nutria tearing up my creek bank. She completely irradiated the issue and also made sure the other animals on my property stayed safe. Would definitely recommended to anyone."
Harry P. - Portland, OR