Dead Animal Removal

ABL Wildlife utilizes specialized equipment to remove these dead animals and dispose of them safely.

Portland Dead Animal Pickup & Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Are you a candidate for our Dead Animal Removal services? Here are some common problems we solve:

  • Dead deer in yards
  • Dead deer under decks
  • Deceased wildlife in yards-under decks-in driveways
  • Dead animals in crawlspace

If you find yourself smelling something unpleasant, like a smell of rotting meat with fruity undertones, you may need us to come and remove a dead animal for you! ABL Wildlife specializes in the removal of deceased wildlife.

Unfortunately, our local deer populations have been affected by a group of viruses that their fawns can't fight off- Adenovirus- it is not uncommon to find a fawn curled up dead in a yard or under a deck.

Dead Fawn Removal

What should you do if you see a dead animal in your living space?

  1. Do not touch the dead animal as you do not know cause of death
  2. Assess the size of the animal and how decomposed it is
  3. Note how far decomposed it is ie "melted" "intact"
  4. Call us! 541-510-8277 We remove all stages of decomposed dead animals
  5. If you live on the outskirts of town and your deceased deer/elk is buried or partially buried that can indicate cougar activity.

ABL Wildlife is trained to employ premium devices and sanitation agents in our dead animal removal services. Unfortunately, we are not state-funded, and this is not a free service, we do have to cover our costs. It would be potentially disastrous if diseases were to pass from the deceased animal to a healthy-living animal- it's important to remove the body as soon as possible! Call us 541-510-8277 for a "Dead Animal Removal" quote today!


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