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Hi, I’m Anna Loyd!

Through my company, ABL Wildlife, I specialize in providing humane wildlife removal solutions to the ever-present conflicts that arise between humans and wildlife. However, this is far from being just another wildlife removal company. My deep connection to nature, nurtured in the small town of Drain, OR, instilled within me a profound appreciation for local wildlife. Backed by state licenses from both the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, I stand as an authority in residential and commercial pest and wildlife control, as well as comprehensive damage management.

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Pest Services ABL Wildlife Offers

I handle all kinds of pests – not just the common nuisances! In addition to ants, rodents, and spiders, some pests that I often get calls for are stinging insects, box elder bugs and stink bugs. Don’t hesitate – I’m sure I can get rid of the pests you’re dealing with!

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Custom Solutions for Pest-Proof Crawl Spaces

With ABL Wildlife, I go the extra mile in providing comprehensive wildlife management solutions, including carcass removal and wildlife waste cleanup services. When it comes to wildlife waste, I am well-equipped to handle the safe and efficient removal of animal remains and waste materials, mitigating potential health risks and odors associated with wildlife infestations. My expertise extends to ensuring that your property is not only free from wildlife but also from any lingering signs of their presence, leaving your environment clean and safe.

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About ABL Wildlife

I specialize in discreet, professional solutions for all pest concerns. I aim to educate individuals about the damaging behaviors exhibited by pests and invasive species and stress the importance of contacting trained pest and wildlife control specialists to intervene before situations escalate. With my extensive knowledge of pest and wildlife behavior, I’m confident in my ability to adapt to your unique situation.

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At ABL Wildlife, I go the extra mile to do the services that no one else wants to. Carcass removal & waste cleanup are not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. Not only are they no fun, they can be dangerous. I have the proper training and certifications to handle these difficult jobs.

Anna Loyd - Owner of ABL Wildlife in Portland, OR

Meet The Owner

Anna Loyd

I, Anna Loyd of ABL Wildlife, hold the title of a licensed “Wildlife Control Operator” in both Oregon and Washington. With this specialized licensing, I conduct comprehensive wildlife management programs, upholding the values of safety and humane practices at the forefront of my services. I’m unwaveringly committed to delivering highly effective solutions to address your every need in pest and wildlife management in the Vancouver-Portland Metro area.

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Why Choose ABL Wildlife?

I am proud to hold licenses from both the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, as well as the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Agriculture. As a dedicated member of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), I am passionate about educating the industry and providing effective wildlife management solutions.

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