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ABL Wildlife has years of experience providing effective, humane wildlife snake removal solutions

Portland Oregon Snake Removal


We'll work to provide on the spot snake removal or set up snake capture devices. As critter control specialists, our goal is to make your home and property safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Snake removal is best handled by trained and experienced professionals. Attempts being a snake catcher or any other kind of snake removal by homeowners is not only against state law in both Oregon and Washington, can result in the transmission of diseases or injury to person and property. Snakes can carry health risks for humans such as mycobacterium, and salmonellosis. ABL Wildlife and its employees are trained snake catchers and snake removal experts, we don't want to see the public injured.

Portland, Oregon has 15 native snake species, from the California Mountain kingsnake to the rubber boa. How do you know if you have snakes in your home, or outbuildings? What could make you a candidate for our snake removal services? Sometimes their entry points can be a challenge to locate.

Common Portland Oregon Snake issues include, but are not limited to:

Snake Capture
  • Crawlspace Infestations
  • Outbuilding/Barn Infestations
  • Female Snakes Nesting
  • Snakes in walls
  • Snake Breeding Piles
  • Snake inside homes
  • Snake Bites

But here are a few more specific indicators of a potential need for a snake catcher or snake removal devices:

  1. Holes in foundation vents that can let food-sources such as rodents in
  2. Piles of debris next to the home
  3. Compost piles
  4. Small rodent tunnels
  5. Tall grass
  6. Insect infestations-especially ants

When a Snake makes a home out of an attic, garage, or other structure they make themselves comfortable by consuming the rodent/insect life. Then depending on the snake breed and season they colonize; a female garter snake can give live birth to up to 80 baby snakes! When this occurs they can fill your wall voids with baby snakes, sometimes they come out of outlets, pipe accesses, and more. ABL Wildlife provides professional snake removal along with onsite snake catcher services. We're here for you, if it's a bull snake in your yard or garter snakes in your walls we have snake removal solutions for you.

Are you still unsure where to find entry points or species of animal causing damage? Don't worry about it, that's what wildlife removal services such as ours are here for! ABL Wildlife will identify, wildlife species, access points, damage, and potential future entry points upon initial inspection. ABL Wildlife is here for you as critter control you can trust, we have a solution for you, whether it be in one of our trapping programs, our eviction systems, or our ability to seal your home from wildlife.


Serving the Oregon communities of:
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Testimony 5 Star Testimony

"Called ABL Wildlife with a critter problem. We had a momma raccoon and two babies in our ceiling. Anna responded quickly and gave us all the options. We wanted animals removed but unharmed. Anna knows the nesting tendencies of lots of wildlife species. She has all the latest equipment to get the job done, including motion activated cameras. She's a real pro. Couldn't have been more satisfied with the service."
Lauren C. - Portland, OR