Boxelder Bug Removal and Stinkbug Pest Control

ABL Wildlife has years of experience providing Box Elder pest control solutions.

Portland Oregon Boxelder Bug Removal and Stinkbug Removal


ABL Wildlife has many approaches to manage the population of stinkbugs and boxelder bugs in and around your home. Everyone has seen the classic "Exterminator" but not everyone fully understands the depth of what we do, and the pest control services we provide. Our goal is to make your home and property safe and enjoyable for you, your family, and your pets.

Performing pest control treatments, yourself can be frustrating and time consuming. We stay on top of the latest technology, practices, and products to ensure an effective treatment tailored to your specific needs. We will also work to identify ways to minimize or prevent potential pest issues around your home using Integrated Pest Management; this is something we are educated on annually at pest control continuing education conferences as well!

Boxelder Bugs and Stinkbugs can be a pervasive and highly annoying pest from the early spring through late fall depending on how the unpredictable Portland Oregon weather progresses. You may see these pests swarming around doors and windows, but they are commonly found on the sides of homes soaking up some sunshine and trying to find their way into a home. Often the swarms of these bugs gathering on your home is quite an annoyance and leads to a call to your local exterminator immediately for pest control services, let us help!

Boxelder bugs feed on the developing seeds of boxelders, maple, and ash trees, which means you may be needing pest control services for these bugs simply because the vegetation nearby.

No one enjoys bugs dropping down on them as they try to enter/exit their home. ABL Wildlife is happy to provide box elder bug extermination and control programs to fit the needs of Portland, Oregon's metro area.

Stinkbugs will feed on crops and gardens and then look to over winter and share space in your warm and cozy home.

Both pests are attracted to the heat emanating from your home. ABL Wildlife can help manage these populations by inspecting your home and creating a customized pest control solution to protect your property.

Common Portland Boxelder Bug and Stinkbug pest control issues include, but are not limited to:

Boxelder bugs
  • Swarms near doors, windows, siding joints, and cracks/crevices
  • Large numbers on the exterior of the home, usually focused on the south and west sides
  • Dark spotting or stippling from fecal matter
  • Distinctive whirring or buzzing sounds as they fly

Here are a few things you can do to make your home a little less appealing to boxelder bugs and stinkbugs! Therefore, lessening your need for pest control and bug exterminators!

  1. Caulk/seal around utility pipes/window frames/door frames (We can help with this!)
  2. Keep compost and gardens away from the home
  3. Ensure your faucets are not leaking
  4. Keep exterior lights off whenever possible as these draw bugs in

ABL Wildlife has many approaches to managing the population of stinkbugs and boxelder bugs in and around your home. Our goal is to make your home and property safe and enjoyable for you, your family, and your pets once again.


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